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Are you overwhelmed?

Are you anxious or depressed?

Do you feel like giving up? Exhausted, burnt out and want to give up? Do you lack motivation? Trouble staying organized? Is your relationship on the brink of disaster or are you simply struggling to communicate? Is your job stressing you out? Do you feel trapped?

Jason T. Cerro, LPC

Counseling Services

Sessions are 45 minutes and are available in person or via Telemedicine.

Individual counseling involves one-on-one sessions to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It helps manage stress, overcome obstacles, and address issues like anxiety and depression.

Couples counseling helps partners improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship. It addresses issues such as infidelity, intimacy, and parenting differences.

Family counseling improves family dynamics and relationships. It addresses communication problems, conflicts, and behavioral concerns, fostering a supportive family environment.

(Zoom only at this time.) Group counseling involves small groups where members share experiences and support each other. It benefits those facing similar issues like addiction, grief, and social anxiety.

About Jason

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor

Jason T. Cerro owns a private counseling practice located at 99 Mechanic Street in Pawcatuck, CT. He has practiced as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2013. His clients consist of : children, teens, individual adults, couples and families. He helps clients create a unique treatment plan that fits their lifestyle and includes goals to be achieved. Jason works closely with pediatricians, APRNs, other therapists, and school mental health workers to create the best coordinated care for his clients. Jason is the founder of Jason Cerro Talks, INC., a YouTube channel that provides educational mental health videos.

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Jason is extraordinarily good his job. He works well with tweens especially those suffering from anxiety/panic/generalized. He is personable, humorous, and relatable. I would never hesitate to refer to Jason.
I highly recommend Jason Cerro to anyone looking for a Therapist. He is very knowledgeable and seems to be up to date
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