4 Steps for Adult ADHD Treatment That Works


Which ADHD medicine is most effective for adults? The one combined with healthy eating, exercise, guidance, and assistance. Get professional guidance on how to effectively manage your attention deficit disorder symptoms as an adult by implementing multimodal treatment.

Adult ADHD Medications
Research indicates that the most effective way to treat ADHD in children is through multi-modal treatment, which combines medication and psychosocial therapies. Clinical experience demonstrates that the same strategy is beneficial for adults with ADHD.

For adults with ADHD, doctors prescribe the same drugs that they do for youngsters. Typically, the most efficacious and secure drugs are considered the “first line,” which includes psychostimulants like Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, and Concerta.

When taken in conjunction with other treatment methods, atomoxetine helps children and adults with ADHD become more attentive while also reducing their impulsivity and hyperactivity. A group of drugs known as selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors includes atomoxetine. It functions by raising norepinephrine levels, a chemical that the brain naturally produces and is essential for behavior

Regretfully, there is a great chance that stimulants will be abused. The use of stimulant drugs in adults with a history of substance abuse—a issue that is particularly prevalent among adults with ADHD—is a topic of much discussion.

For these patients, some physicians decline to write stimulant prescriptions. Paul Elliott, M.D., a doctor in Dallas, Texas, disagrees and has over 25 years of experience treating patients with ADHD. “A large portion of substance misuse that we witness in today’s world is essentially self-medication by undiagnosed ADHD individuals.”

Elliott keeps a close eye on these specific patients. “I will not start someone on any of the addictive drugs for ADD therapy until they have made a full recovery and have been doing so for at least six months.” In addition, I tell the patient that my credibility is very brittle and can be easily damaged. I also tell them that I will not treat them if they do not stay clean and sober, do not show up for appointments, or give me any reason to think they are abusing their medication in any way.

For other reasons, such as a patient’s high blood pressure or heart condition, stimulants might not be recommended. Doctors may prefer antidepressants for some of these individuals. Tricyclic antidepressants are used in Wellbutrin, which has showed encouraging benefits. SSRI antidepressants, such as Prozac or Zoloft, are not usually recommended as first lines of treatment, but they can be helpful for some patients.

What Benefits Can ADHD Drugs Offer?

Medication will not make you more organized, reliable, or pleasant to be around. However, it may facilitate your ability to break through self-defeating patterns of thought and behavior when working with a qualified psychotherapist.

Patients with ADHD who also have co-morbid diseases including anxiety and mood disorders benefit most from psychotherapy. It can also assist grownups in managing their resentment and irritation at not having had their ADHD treated when they were younger. Psychotherapists can also assist us in developing our social skills and our capacity to handle situations that are not conducive to ADHD.

While other psychotherapies (such cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy) aim to modify the way we think, which can have a significant impact on our behavior, insight-oriented psychotherapy can help us make sense of our lives and learn to know ourselves better.

What Benefits Can ADHD Coaching Offer?
Although treatment for ADHD helps us manage its symptoms, it is not a cure for the disorder, which is lifelong. To take charge of your life and go forward, it is crucial to learn how to live with your ADHD.

Hiring an ADD Coach is one approach to ensure that forward momentum. Consider your coach to be a mental personal trainer. This individual is there to support you, give advice, and ensure that you meet the objectives you set for yourself. Goal-orientedness is ingrained in coaching, which is beneficial for those with ADHD. Jason Cerro, a licensed professional counselor, works with clients remotely and in person in his office in Stonington, CT.

This is something you can do!
Adults with ADHD may experience discouragement. However, a lot of people with ADHD lead fulfilling lives by engaging in activities they enjoy. The secret is to embrace who you are and work toward maximizing your advantages and minimizing your disadvantages.

In summary, Michele Novotni, co-author of the fantastic book Adult ADD (Pinion Press, 1995), states that the attitude of the ADHD person makes a greater impact on the outcome than the intensity of their symptoms.

She states, “ADHD is not an excuse, a way to avoid responsibilities.” It is an obstacle that can be surmounted. Success comes to those who rise to the ADHD challenge rather than giving up and pretending to be dead.

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