The Aftermath of Betrayal

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you discover that the person closest to you, who you count on the most, has betrayed you. If you have experienced sexual betrayal, you need help navigating the emotional devastation that follows. Making sense of your experience is the first step toward healing.

The Aftermath of Betrayal, is intended to help you identify and articulate your experience. During a time when your mind and body are overwhelmed and a full-size read may feel daunting, this book is designed with short easily digested chapters to point you in the right direction. The Aftermath of Betrayal will give you words, language, and concepts to describe the storm of betrayal and guide you through helpful exercises that move you toward healing.

Even more importantly, this book exists to give you hope. Hope that there is a path through the trauma of betrayal, markers along the way to point you in the right direction, and plenty of help and support available for you.

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